Sports and Leisure

Our product nanoSense is designed to analyze with precision the movements/vibrations/acceleration of a vehicle, this means that it is perfectly capable of analyzing the movements and gestures of a sportsman.

Compact, wireless, and waterproof, it can be integrated into any type of equipment and used in any environment.

We offer the following services in a compact and waterproof case. This device can be integrated into sports equipment or worn by users for:

•            Collecting data on the movements and position of the athlete and the equipment that integrates it.

•            Transform raw data into elaborated data.

•            Store and transmit the collected data.

•            Communicate with other systems (cell phone or other devices)

•            Communicate instructions or warn the athlete in real time (in case of bad gesture/movement)

 In fact, each component of the nanoSense contributes to sports in a different manner:

– The information/signal processing model in nanoSense is one method that can be used to consider how learning takes place for any type of sport.

-The information storage will allow users to see their evolution throughout a specified period.

-RTC will provide accurate time measuring without consuming as much battery as regular hardware clocks.

-The accelerometer absorbs vibration created by the body and uses it to know its orientation.

 On the other hand, the presence of the gyroscope in collaboration with the compass enables the users to measure or maintain the orientation and angular velocity of a rotating body by utilizing earth gravitational forces, therefor it can enable users to maintain a certain angle (or motion trajectory) for preforming specific sports such as (ex: golf, Tennis).

 Some other important qualities are QI charging and NFC, NFC lets users transmit collected data remotely.