Motion Analysis

Human motion analysis helps us to observe, define and measure human gestures and movements. Basic analysis can involve easy observations with little precision, for more accurate measurements involving higher speed for instance, users would need a more complex solution, therefor we have created the nanoSense technology, which is adapted for precise measurements for different types of unites, where measuring requires performance in terms of accuracy, response time and sampling frequencies while maintaining a wireless connection with the acquisition system.

Furthermore, our sensor would be considered different from other motion sensors as it does not only provide passive measurements. What we mean by passive is when a sensor records snapshots of the environment and compares them over time to see if there are changes caused by the motion of the objects.

Our solution is different, as it processes the collected data from the motion analysis and acts up depending on how it was pre-programmed or programmed. In addition, each sensor is connected to other sensors which helps in triggering a coherent action when needed.