Application in logistics

With the rapid rise of online shopping lifestyles, the scale of domestic and international logistics has grown rapidly over the years, and traditional logistics systems are obsolete. How can logistics companies ensure the effective tracking of each parcel to avoid information leakage and tampering? How can businesses ensure the safety of their products and reduce the losses caused by counterfeit and inferior products? Our smart tags may be a good choice.

We use radio frequency identification technologies such as RFID and NFC to achieve cargo and pallet identification, tracking, and information collection through an RFID reader, data exchange and management systems. Relying on its long-distance rapid identification characteristics, our RFID tags enables clients to realize serial number management for inventory monitoring and tracking, counterfeiting, anti-theft and traceability.

Besides, in the daily management of the warehouse, the cargo administrator can use our RFID solution to realize real-time tracking of the goods, including the source, whereabouts, and inventory quantity of the goods, which greatly improves the efficiency of inventory supply and the turnover of goods. In the distribution process, timely collection of material flow, information flow, and capital flow not only reduces the human errors of goods distribution, but also greatly improves distribution efficiency.