Application in infrastructure

The bigger the cities are, the more cars there will be, but there is not yet a final solution to deal with the severe urban traffic problems. With our RFID license plate tag, all cars, trucks and motorcycles can be easily identified in moving traffic through authorized readers of an intelligent traffic management system. This innovative technology has replaced the previous method of optical recognition with naked eyes or cameras.

Our RFID electronic license plate represents a breakthrough of the bottleneck of traditional traffic information collection technology, realizes classified and precise collection of vehicle traffic information, and thus the precise management of vehicles. The application scenarios of electronic license plates are very wide, and they can be used for vehicle management, urban traffic management, road planning, and commercial applications related to toll payments.

Our RFID license plate tag specially designed for the vehicle management by embedded on electronic license plates, works on 13.56 MHz frequency. These tags enable fast, reliable and effortless identification of vehicles, even in the high-speed and dense traffic. Our tags also offer dust and water resistance, their rugged structure enables it to work in all weather conditions such as fog, heavy rain, mist and even dirt or mud on the license plates.