Current Sense Application: Electric Vehicle Charging

In recent years, electric vehicles charging piles have emerged with the upsurge of developing electric vehicles that is sweeping the world. As an important current and power monitoring component, current sensors play an important role in monitoring the charging process and ensuring charging safety.

To put it simply, charging at a charging pile is the process of converting alternating current into a standard form of direct current or alternating current, and then delivering it to the car battery pack. Only when the current in the conversion system at all levels is normal can the safety of the charging process be ensured.

Our Current Sense can effectively track and provide real-time information on the charging status and battery management. It measures accurately the current of key system links, detect and report leakage and other abnormalities in time. In addition, another important function of our Current Sensor is accurate measurement of the amount of power it takes to fully charge the car for the customers’ reference and calculation of charging fees.

Our Current Sensor has the advantages such as fast response, low energy consumption, etc.