Automotive Testing

The automotive industry is flourishing day by day, to keep up with this evolution we need to find solutions to critical issues such as health monitoring systems.

To assure durability and the well-functioning of a vehicle we make sure to analyze and estimate key load bearing including automotive suspension.

Our sensor comes in handy at this step as it permits users to obtain expert knowledge in a domain that seems to only be reserved to professionals, The nanoSense collects data continuously to capture long term dependencies in time-series prediction without additional expert knowledge.

In result, each user would be able to estimate the remaining fatigue life of automotive suspension.

To begin with, we implant our sensors to operate some durability tests under various driving cycles to obtain sequential sensory data, then our pre-programmed algorithms act by calculating or predicting the dynamic stress histories based on the available sensory data.

The nanoSense’s precise measurements prove that our model can help users achieve an accurate and a reliable automotive testing.