Application: Access Control

Influential international conferences or exhibitions expect thousands or tens of thousands of participants from all over the world each year. Therefore, conference organizers face the same challenge of the effective identification and management of participants.

At present, many conferences or exhibitions generally adopt printed entry pass, magnetic card or IC token for sign-in and identification. The major shortcomings of this method are low efficiency and accuracy, and it does not allow the generation of automated statistics. IC cards require participants to swipe their cards at a designated place. It is not desirable in terms of convenience and accurate management.

Based on the needs of conference and exhibition management, our sign-in and identification product enables the automatic identification of participants when they walk through the entrance of the event venue with their entry pass.

The 13.56 Mhz RFID tags with unique ID are integrated in the entry pass that the participants wear on the neck or carry in their bags, and their identity information (name, ID number, registration data) are stored in it. When a participant wears an entry pass through an entrance equipped with an RFID reader, their identity information will be sensed by radio frequency, and the validity of the entry pass is judged by the host. If the certificate is valid, the host will call up the registered information of the participant including photos, and the staff or receptionist will check whether the participant is the same person as in the registered data. The entire identification process is accurate, efficient and fast, and attendance record of participants is then recorded automatically for further analysis and management purposes.